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This has probably already been pointed out before, but I am having a RAGE.

I haven’t been super upset about a lot of the continuity errors in the newer episodes, I get that the writers are new and can’t remember all the little details, but this thing I just noticed makes me want to STAB PEOPLE.

When Henry Winchester travels to the future to see Sam and Dean, and checks the license plate on the Impala, he makes a crack about it being 2013 and how the Mayans must have been wrong.



Guys, Supernatural has had two year-long time skips. It is not 2013, it is 2015.

Writers, you can’t just forget two years. The other errors have annoyed me, but this is the first thing I’m genuinely upset about because I always make it a point to take into account to make my fanfics as accurate as possible. You’re writing the actual show, please get at least the year it takes place in right.

  1. archangel-bonding said: The first two seasons were only half a year TOGETHER. Sam is 22,5 in the Pilot and 23 in All Hell Breaks Loose.
  2. thunderboltsortofapenny said: I noticed that too. I know TPTB have said that the s5-s6 time skip can be viewed as a “soap opera” skip, where the time past can be hand-waved away for logistical reasons. That still doesn’t explain ignoring the s7-s8 time skip.
  3. mixgoldenphoenixarchive said: I know Dean was gone a year, but Season two wasn’t as long as it was in our world.
  4. aromanticnagisa-archive said: Is it really 2015? I thought it was something like 2014. It’d be nice to find an actual timeline, fanmade or official. :’c
  5. beammethefuckupscotty said: But there have been times when we have seasons start (in show) right when the other ended. Some episodes were like that too. There may be some time that adds up. At most I think they are missing roughly a year.
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